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Sexy Ultimatum's debut album is a glimpse into the future of sexiness, a manifesto of liberation from the confines of societal consciousness. Take a journey on the consciousness-expanding, post-parlimentarian mother/father/sister/brother/stranger/lover-ship with your robot pilot through a giddy galaxy of arcade beeps and shameless electropop. Doctor^ approved for all people 18 and up to heal such maladies as:
* bi-sinistral perambulatory pedimentation^^ shame
* decreased libido
* droopy butt
* ass-in-chair syndrome
* wallflower tendencies
* gender acquiescence
* sudden body dysmorphia
* general ennui
* all manner of unsexiness

^ not really
^^ otherwise known as two left feet

Thanks to all members and friends of the Sexy Ultimatum All Star Society.

Copyright 2007-2010 Thumping Montgomery, BMI


released 31 October 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: Krackletits

I caught you riding on my junk
(smuggler, smuggler)
Hiding your goods up in your coat
(smuggler, smuggler)
Don't play it coy don't try to hide it
We know just what you got
You got a couple nice generators
Keeping you hot
They may be drag queen incinerators
God-given entertainers
British, Mexican or Mainers
Baby it's a no brainer

Pop up like an astronaut, heed the Sexy Ultimatum when you hear the beat drop

(dance moves)
You lift your left leg up and you put it on back
You lift your right leg up and you put it on back
You let your thighs do the talking and you give it a twirl
Then you butt rub (butt rub) around the world
Track Name: Wine & Soda
This is an ultimatum:
I wanna see you shake 'em

Wearin' my hot pants
Rock it like Bob Zentz
We could go f%$ #$%@ %$#! (be naughty)
Don't you want a taste of this sexy body?
Track Name: She Hit Me Like A Lazer Tom
She hit me like a lazer tom
Electro missle or a bomb
Like medusa in reverse
Beamed me 1000 miles from earth

I can't believe
She's looking at me
Like True Blood's fairy Sookie

Electro static clinging shirt
My feet can barely touch the dirt
I've been all around this world
Ain't ever seen no one like this girl

I can't believe
She's looking at me
Peach Pear Plum Apple Cherry

I can't believe
She's looking at me
Like Grant and Robert E Lee

I can't believe
She's looking at me
Haha ho holla hehe
Track Name: Sugardaddy
I'll be your sugardaddy
I'll be your candyman
I'll let you eat these cookies right out back my ice cream stand
I know you like it juicy
I know you like it piping hot
That's why I got my oven cooking what your momma bought
Track Name: Fuck Your Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Fuck yo Prop 8
Track Name: Don't Shake a Baby
Don't shake a baby | get that out of your head
Don't shake a baby | shake your booty instead
Get with your honey and mess up your 'doo
Jump 'round the place like a kangaroo
(shake 'em X 6)
Track Name: Squeezin'
(now I'm)
Squeezin' your (leg|thigh|ankle|toes|bum)
Your supple supple (leg|thigh|ankle|toes|bum)

(I'm gonna)
Pinch you so hard
Track Name: Tenderloin
Don't believe what you see
Don't believe what you hear
Don't believe what you know
This is it, the tenderloin